Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coral finished?

I think this is finished. The colours simply don't replicate properly, even though I've fiddled with this pic. The background is a sort of dark purple and there is some electric purple/blue at the bottom under the glass bits which simply don't show up on screen. You can't even see the hologram turquoise free machine stitching at the top. O well...

Here's a close-up of the glass bits. I used Cretan Stitch to attach them.

And I turned in the ends of the treillage piece which now looks like this.

Arrrggghhh! Come on March and the new challenge - things I fancy trying next: a bit of goldwork, something with the screamish orange, trying to figure out how to bead like some of the pieces on the Bead Journal Project, free machine embroidery using the cone of gold passing thread, saori (freestyle weaving), teaching myself torchon lace, finishing the book cover for the "green book" - but I don't want to start something new until I've had a go at the challenge. Nah, forget that - there's two whole days so I'll just go ahead and start a new design. Maybe something inspired by medieval research I've been doing.

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