Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exact Almond Blossom

It's not often that I get the exact effect I want in embroidery, but I'm really pleased with how this almond blossom is coming along.

I did the sketches yesterday and prepped the background satin (iron-set the colour, added a calico backing and overcast the edges). I wanted to print out more photos but the ink cartrigdes ran out.

Then I dug out some Texere yarns. They are sold like this, in hanks of related colours but all different textures. I just cut off a length, then used the individual threads to fly-stitch the branches.

Finally I was able to start using the variegated knitting ribbon to do the French knots for the blossoms, which is the bit I originally "saw" when we went for our walk: not trees, but cream and pink French knots against sapphire satin.

Unfortunately, the light is going so I had to stop, but I'm so excited with this piece that I'll try to finish it tomorrow - watch this space!


Purple Missus said...

I love the way that the almond blossom has captured your imagination which is what will make this piece look extra special at the finish. And I just love French Knots - my favourite stitch.

MixPix said...

Thanks for your comments. French knots are one of my favourites too - I frequently "see" things in nature in terms of this stitch. It's absolutely addictive to do and you can get pointillist effects that are very subtle with it. My other favourites are raised chain band and fly and Cretan stitch. I love your blog and check it regularly.