Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almond Blossom

Went for a walk this afternoon and remembered to take the camera! The almond blossom has already started and is gorgeous against the sapphire sky, with its decorative balls of mistletoe.

The little purse now has some lines of kantha quilting on it and looks a bit like the almond blossom. I'm definitely going to do some more embroideries based on the photos I took today...

Meanwhile, back at the Februray TIF challenge, here are two more tasters taken with the macro setting on the camera - the colours aren't too far off from reality.
I "read" SharonB's palette for the February challenge as light, medium and dark blue and light and dark orange.

Went to the market in the Bastide St. Louis on Saturday for fruit and veg, and was surprised to see the mimosa already on sale.

These orange peppers made me feel springtime and happy.

As did these bright bouquets. It seems I have bright colours on the brain.

I did this "book cover" for my notes and sketches for the courgette flower bag and just thought I'd put them here to show that I sometimes do sketching and painting before leaping into a piece.

I found a slideshow thing on MSN, so I've put more almond blossom pix on that blog if you wish to have a look, together with some old pieces. You just click on the album and the slideshow cycles through all by itself ... MixPix


Marg in Calgary said...

Bonjour! Thanks for your post; I don't mind if you link. Yes, I think etiquette dictates that you ask first, but I'll forgive you for this time! ;-)

Meg in Albuquerque said...

Well, I can't wait for more than a taste of your Feb TIF! It looks wonderful. Thanks for the hubble site, got some good pictures, will help with the color and landmarks.