Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March in a flash

How quickly the time goes! Although I haven't posted since February, I've been busy...

March Bead Journal Project (BJP)
Here are pix of my March BJP - a pic I took of the daffodils on the front lawn, and a pic of the finished piece.

Needlelace Coral

Here are pix showing a piece of coral reef I did using needlelace techniques - the first pic shows the finished needlelace, taken off the working backing but still needing mounting onto background fabric. The second pix shows the outlines and the beginning of the fillings while the piece was still on the working backing.

This pic shows an experiment with treillage - Elicia's filling is the one that looks like asterisks and Katie's Kisses is the one that looks like crosses. I did them to see what they could look like thinking I might use them in the coral, but in the end I used Tudor Rose filling.

Fish Portrait

Here are pix showing what I am currently working on - a fish made up in layers - yukky blue satin background, some silk-painted scrim, some organza, some fish shapes cut from an unsuccesful velvet dvoree scarf I did in a class, some purple and turquise free machine embroidery that I did on dissolving fabric, all covered with another piece of organza. On top, I've stitched scales and parallel lines to show the fins - just finishing the tail fin now. One pic shows the layers, one shows what you see looking at the piece straight-on, and one is from an angle, showing the stitching more in relief.

I worked on some other things as well, but forgot to take pix - next time.