Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

As you can see I haven't blogged since way before Christmas - it's been a busy time but we're now back to normal. Here is a pic of my December Bead Journal Project page which I just finished today - it's the mistletoe in the almond tree outside the dining room window.

And here is a close-up. The background fabric is shiny polyester that made me think of the grey days of winter. I did some FME along a horizon line underneath to represent the line of trees in the distance, but they don't show up in the photo. I realised as I worked on this piece that all my BJPs so far this year are to do with nature - the things coming into fruit or flower at the time of year, and I'll try to stay with this theme.

Here is a pic of the additional Take It Further December Challenge I did based on the idea of Mother Nature & generosity.

And here is a pic of a little bag I made for the daughter of some friends who came to celebrate New Years with us.

Now I can start to think of what I want to bead for my January BJP page - probably something to do with freezing cold, snow, ice...