Monday, March 31, 2008

So Long March

It's been a bit stressful - I destroyed my laptop when trying to install the Service Pack for Windows Vista and had to take it to the repair shop. I lost all my files which is not so bad as I'd backed up most and the better pix of embroidery are still on this blog, but I now have to re-enter all my contacts. O well. This pic of the neighbour's cherry in blossom was from a few weeks ago, and the iris was taken on Saturday before we went to the market. Both make me happy.

Here is my March piece, which I think is finished. I'm not sure what it is - perhaps a wall hanging? I've pinned it up in the studio so I can continue to look at it in the hope that inspiration will occur.

This is a pic showing the piece before I couched the gold around the scribble shapes.

And this pic shows the couching partly completed to show what a difference it made, and also what a difference lighting makes to the colours of the pix.

I 'm not convinced I did very well on this challenge, starting with ranting about the colours then abandoning one piece and not knowing to do with this one. Still, I shall think about it some more and try to come back to the pieces later to salvage what I can from them.

Sometimes creativity is like that - if I don't allow myself to try, I lose not only the failures but the chance successes, too. Mum used to say, "The door to success is marked 'Push'."


kay susan said...

I like it, it's lovely. That gold couching adds just the right touch. it needed it!

MaryjoO said...

I like this, in spite of your own misgivings! Nice colors, graphic look -- and sorry about your computer -- NO fun!

Meg in Albuquerque said...

i like your piece. Don't know what size it is but it could be a table runner, would look good under those beautiful irises.

freebird said...

That's a bummer about your computer. My husband always tells me to back things up before I add something to my computer but as in most things, I usually forget!

Your piece reminds me of a chinese painting. All it needs is a scroll at top and bottom and maybe a tassel!

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