Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colour analysis - March TIF

I had a good old rummage through my stash in search of the colours for the March TIF Challenge , and I came up with this:

I just couldn't seem to resolve the sand and burgundy with the others, so I separated them off by themselves, giving this, in which I've added a medium sand and a lighter burgundy, so I have light, medium and dark in the two colours, with the black represented by the shot burgundy sheer jersey. It doesn't photograph well as usual.

That left the olive green with the purple and black:

And I found that I could add a touch of the sand to this using snippets under the green organza. I also want to experiment with the cone of gold passing thread in the bobbin on the machine, thinking that this gold is loosely related to the sand colour and might add sparkle and maybe even "zing" if used judiciously. Loosely speaking, this grouping has the greens as the lights, the purple as the medium and the black/purple shot jersey as the dark.

Finally, I decided I could maybe add a small amount of the green to the burgundy & sand mixture as I think that piece will be about "litte moments of time when you stop to smell the roses" and I need green for the leaves.

So it looks like I'll be doing at least two pieces with the two bunches of colours because by separating them, I feel the results will be more harmonious. The pieces may be put together in a book or used as the front and back of something, but there will have to be a separation.

I've read through some of the comments already and a lot of people like the pallette, so I shall be very interested to see what they do with it - a real voyage of discovery this month!

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