Sunday, March 16, 2008

March TIF Progress

I don't know what this piece is yet, I think it's about writing. The snippets of sand-coloured fabrics in the middle that I appliqued with the gold passing thread remind me of Japanese brushwork.

I started to Kantha-quilt around these shapes - there's a lot more to go, including some lines of beading because I have the exact colour of purple beads in my stash. I think I want to use the purple beads on the green background and the green beads on the purple background.

On the edges, I decided to do this Maltese Cross composite stitch, using a glittery purple Goldfingering thread over some pale green chainette. To hold the intersections in place, I added a light green bead.

One edge finished, this is where I am this morning.

Still on the subject of "little things that make me happy", DH poked some holes in these boulders in the garden and planted some of these little plants that I think we used to call "chickens and hens" when we were kids. They are already in flower and I had to take a pic because they are so wonderful. Thinking they might become an embroidery, I played with the pic using the software that came with the digital camera, but wasn't able to come up with anything. Instead, I added this little poem to the image and made some cards:

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is?

And because I had the cutting mat and the glue out already, I decided to cut up a gardening catalogue to use the rest of the card stock. It made me think I could send these cards to celebrate Springtime, saying "Season's Greetings" - instead of only once a year at Christmas - create my own new tradition... It would give me at least 4 design themes during the year...hmmmm....


Guzzisue said...

Thanks for your comment on the fairy, I suspect that, like myself, she would need to go on a diet before getting airborne :)

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Hello MixPix and thank you for your comment on the leamside textiles blog. The wittering rainbow had a slight wobble and closed the blog when she found her art teacher and neighbours were tuning in and freedom of speech was becoming an issue!! However she is thinking of opening another blog but hasn't got around to it yet Thanks for asking - makes me feel loved!!

West Country Mother said...

Hello again mixpix. This is just to let you know that a new blog is up and running for the wittering rainbow, should you wish to visit! Thanks ever so much for your interest and sorry to muck you all about.

juanita sim said...

I just stopped by to say thanks for your comment on my March TIF post. It looks like you are making good progress with your piece. I agree with you it has a very Japanese feel to it, both the style and colour.

Jungles Wife said...

I landed here looking while googling for Wittering Rainbow. I'm happy to see she responded here. I really miss her blog.

You have a nice blog, too. I'll be back :-)