Saturday, November 1, 2008

Loading up the new workbox

Just finished the new workbox this morning and decided to transfer my sewing implements from the old one. The pic shows both - you can see how the old one was disintegrating.

My sister sent me this little case of implements that she never used, which came from my gran - it's mostly crochet hooks, with a couple of bodkins, but it felt really nice to mix her implements in with my own, and now the box feels finished. I'm going to wash and press gran's hook holder and keep the really fine hooks in it, then try to look up on the internet what those curved needles are used for - they look like knitting needles bent into a j-shape.


Diane said...

What treasures! I have a few of my grandma's sewing toolsas well. Lovely box you've made!

Caroll L. said...

Bad new : my blog have been tagged and I have to tagger 7 persons in the BJP project ... It's your turn !


freebird said...

The J hooks are used in knitting to hold stitches not in use while making a crossed cable.

Your sewing box took a lot of work but it turned out very pretty. I hope you enjoy it each and every time you use it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am planning to make both sizes of pages unless I get really pressed for time and then it will be back to just small ones. We'll see.