Friday, July 11, 2008

Short Break

We had a short break to Liverpool European City of Culture 2008, where we visited the Tate Liverpool for the Gustaf Klimt exhibition. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pix inside, so I bought a sketchbook in the shop and scribbled notes. It really inspired me and I now have loads of ideas for new embroideries, which I will describe in a later post.

I also visited the Walker Art Gallery and saw the exhibit Art In The Age of Steam, and Ben Johnson's Cityscapes. They had this SuperLambBanana there as well. They are sculptures done by a Japanese artist to demonstrate the possible dangers of genetic engineering, combining a lamb shape with a banana shape, and "blank" sculptures were given to various artists in Liverpool to decorate. They were then placed all around the city.

I thought they were very amusing and took pix of a couple of them that we saw.

Here is the last "geology" piece a little further along, but I'm going to abandon it for now as I'm itiching to get on with the July TIF Challenge, "What is it to be at the half way mark?", about which I shall now do a separate post.

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