Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunflower journal

Go figure - I found some more sunflower-inspired things I've done in the past. It makes me think that I chose this subject for the first BJP this year because it's something I'm familiar with and I wanted to start with something I find easy. Well, that's the excuse, anyway (grin). This first one is made up of needlelace petals on copper wire cordonets that I did for the cusion cover but that I decided not to use on that piece. I attached them to a cheap tin bangle, giving the circle in the middle.

This piece is my bag bag. It hangs in the kitchen, and I squidge up those plastic carrier bags from the supermarket into the top, then pull them out the bottom as I need them to line the kitchen waste bin.

And this pic shows as far as I got this morning on the 2008 September BJP piece - I stitched around the seedheads then cut back the silk dupion to show the darker silk noile. Now it's onto stems, shadows and tattered leaves before I can even begin beading the seedheads.

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Robin said...

Sunflowers may be safe for you, but they also have meaning... You wrote about making lists... How 'bout making a list of all the words and phrases that come into your mind as you look at your sunflowers and the start of your BJP. Make the list as long as possible and don't screen anything that comes to mind... this is just for you. Then circle the word or phrase that seems the most compelling to you. Then write this sentence: "I am _____________" Put the circled word/phrase in the blank. That is probably the under-subject (or under-current) of your September BJP.

Besides that... it's looking really mysterious right now... I love it!

Robin A.