Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picky Picky

More pix showing progress on the September TIF, a view of the medieval City of Carcassonne.

It may not be apparent in these pix, but I'v unpicked as much as I've sewn to get the balance of colours and textures about right. I hate unpicking, but I've actually done it a lot in this piece and I'm pleased with the result so far.

Here is where I'm at today. I think it may go faster now, as it's the curtain wall and the building in back of the lists that are left to finish. Then there is the vegetation up the hill and the cobbles along the front of the Aude Gate. I think some French knots for the former and oyster stitch for the latter, but we'll see...

Here is a pic from going to the market on Saturday - it's mushroom season, and these orange girolles looked lovely.

Walking back a different route through the Bastide St Louis, I took loads of pix of this architecture, but couldn't seem to get the whole facade in one pic because of the narrow street and losing patience.


LJ said...

Wow. I mean. WOW! How absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is looking beautiful - such a lot of work too (especially with unpicking)

Tanguera said...

Great photos of the railings. I love how your TIF piece is progressing.