Sunday, June 8, 2008

June TIF Progress

Trying to work with the schizophrenia idea, I found this article, "How Prevalent is Schizophrenia?" , with this astonishing painting by Craig Finn, which is frequently used to teach undergraduates what a person with schizophrenia experiences. Just looking at it made me feel unwell, so I thought I might use the hallucinations of serpents and stains as a design source.

Wow - are there ever a lot of images out there on the web of serpents! I also found this silk evening jacket I bought in New York in my younger and more foolish days. I thought I'd make something beaded, perhaps a bracelet, but found that that has already been done exquisitely by loads of people. Anyway, I printed out a couple of photos for reference, then rummaged through stash for the colours.

I only had the light and medium brown colours in this thin chenille which doesn't like to be sewn, so I had to decide on a technique like knitting or crochet, but then I remembered my January TIF piece and decided to use a similar technique. I wrapped this tubular frame with the chenille and am starting to chain stitch using a crochet hook in a snake shape. We'll see where this goes. I started on the left-hand side, with the brown sparkly goldfingering yarn, using Raised Chain Band stitch before I got going with the crochet hook on the snake shape.

These pix show an old piece I did almost entirely in RCB - back & front. Like many of my finished pieces, it lives in my green book until I decide whether I want it to be a bag or a book cover. I'm currently photographing my green book, to post in a slide show eventually.

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Hélène H said...

Here is a link to the website of a French artist who has suffered from schizophraniea from an early age. I especially like the early portraits, they look like childhood nightmares to me.