Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June TIF Finished

Here is a series of pix showing the June TIF Challenge in progress and completed. I think. It needs to live in my portfolio for a while before I decide whether it remains just a little mat or becomes the basis for a little purse. In the end, it didn't seem to want beads added to it, and because there's still almost half of June left, I may spend the time revisiting my original ideas and trying to come up with a bead design.

Things I like about the piece:
The stripey-ness of the grasses, reminds me of zebras.
The softness of the chenille contrasting with the hardness of the other yarns.
This technique - I think it has potential, and I worked out a lot of things while doing it, such as how to change direction, how to change colours, what to do on the selveges, how to hold the frame while working so it's comfortable. One thing - the back is less dense than the front because when you chain stitch, the front has two threads for every one on the back if you know what I mean, so the fabric created is not truly reversible.

This I don't like about the piece:
Snakes. Yes, I admire their beauty but I can't seem to get over their creepiness. This snake in particular. I think the piece would have been better without the snake shape, just the grasses.
The warps on the left-hand side seem to show up more as ribs.
This combination of colours.
It is not really telling a story - it's just a snake in the grass - so I don't think it is very successful as a TIF Challenge. O well.


gelinlik said...

nice blog

Meg in Albuquerque said...

Lots of morals to the tale in a snake in the grass, everyone can make there own. Good TIF

Anonymous said...

Very interesting project. I'm sorry your relative suffers from schizophrenia. That is a horrid disease. You turned something disturbing into something rather lovely IMHO.