Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another year finished

This is the November Bead Journal Project piece, showing the beads just sprinkled onto the backing fabric in the choosing process, then steps as it was made, including some pieces of lapis lazuli I picked up in Malta years ago, that I wanted to try to incorporate using a bezel technique, finally showing the finished piece.

These pix show the December piece being made. I decided not to join again for 2011, because I want to spend this year exploring a mixture of hand and machine embroidery, maybe including some beading. The topics I've chosen for this year are Parasol Pines which make lovely shapes against the sky, and the architecture around here - Cathar Castles and all that, not to mention the elegant French architecture of the Belle Epoch. There are also loads of wrought iron railings that could provide endless inspiration but I hesitate to go there because it seems so derivative - the artisans who made that wrought iron were inspired by nature themselves, so I feel I shouldn't copy them, I should go direct to the source, but use their works as a guideline in how to simplify natural designs for their artisanal purpose, if that makes any sense. Hopefully, I'll also be a bit more disciplined and blog more often... We'll see.

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