Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's a woman thing

Woohoo - I found these yarns and beads on sale for -30% when I nipped out to get himself some cigars because he was busy painting the wrought iron on the kitchen window. It is extremely pleasant to noodle round the fabric shop on my own, but I do smuggle the goods into the studio to avoid comments such as, "You could open a shop with all the stuff you have in there", or, "Don't tell me you got MORE beads - what are you going to do with the ones you already have?" Men just don't understand.


Purple Missus said...

That is so true and yet I bet he has a shed/garage full of bits and pieces which 'might come in handy' *LOL*
What are you going to do with your goodies anyway?

Barbara said...

Hello, you left a comment on my blog so I have come to visit to see your blog. I can relate to this and to what purple missus has said too. Men are funny aren't they, they just don't understand. I do the sneaking thing at times too. The good thing at the moment is my husband just got a new motorbike and all the acessories to go along with it, so that gives me some leverage for awhile to get the things I want. My wants aren't that expensive though. I like your new stash, nice colours.

sandra wyman said...

As Purple Missus says at least women's stuff takes up less space! Beads are sooo addictive aren't they.

Thanks for your comments on my blog: I have really enojoyed my first look at your blog - not only is your work beautiful but you write well too!