Sunday, January 20, 2008

More pix in TIF challenge

I think I have to add pix in separate posts - anyway here's some more showing a closeup of the work in progress and a thread I missed on the back, followed by the finished piece with some chenille on top for the branches of willow hanging down...I tried to use the chenille in the needle, doing corded brussels stitch but it's too fragile and the fluff comes off, so I decided to use it separately at the end. I had to unpick to go back to the missed thread, something I really don't like doing, but in this case it was OK because there was too much green in that section, so I took the opportujnity to change thread. I also had to take the piece off the frame to use longer sidebars as I thought the original square format was too short.

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neki desu said...

i love what you're doing here!

neki desu